Informal or formal gatherings, conferences, teambuilding, New Year's parties, birthday parties and other events

Do you want to move away from your everyday life and spend a nice active day with your colleagues from work ?

Welcome in Slovenia Eco resort, in the embrace of nature and one of the 7 most beautiful glamping resorts in Europe according to the Forbes rankings 2018 and one of  13 most beautiful resorts in the world according to the Vanity Fair magazine.

Slovenia Eco resort offers many different outdoor places for activity, that how we can simultaneously run several team building games. Which is very friendly for larger groups. Among the very popular team building games nowadays are; Treasure Search by Alpine way, Grand Prix racing, Making Ice Sculptures, Food Market, Golf Simulator, etc.

For a shift away from bad weather and closed society gropus, however, we offer a pleasant ambience in a traditional scent of wood, which is equipped with a wi-fi signal, a projector, a billboard and a flipchart board.

The heated wood-smelling scent offers breathtaking views over all seasons and is accommodates up to 120 people.

You will enjoy excellent farewells, such as cold and warm meals, beyond the hands of our chef.

Culinary Slovenia Eco Resort additionally features a self-contained BIO garden, where we produce a lot of our own vegetables, which are then prepared for the guests.

The hire is free of charge.


For more information, please contact or call:
+386 30 462 407